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Join our tribe!


We change lives through fun, shared, authentic experiences by encouraging and challenging individuals.

Our program applies experiential learning, one of the oldest forms of education rooted in our ancestors' traditional teachings. Our hands-on learning style receives high engagement from students while teaching them how to apply these lessons to real-world situations.

We offer a variety of leisurely outdoor recreational activities that enhance personal growth, appreciation for mother nature, and community development.

Our courses and workshops are educational programs that strengthen individuals by equipping them with technical skills, leadership growth, and personal development. Through travel, we experience interaction and immersion with various cultures domestic and abroad, stimulating and challenging perspectives and philosophies.

These foundational principles are integrated into our programs through methodical debriefing and reflection because we believe the value of the experience is dependent on the value of reflection.

This program is designed to build leaders in communities by providing them with skills for the outdoor world, working environments, social atmospheres, and as guides and instructors with Native Adventures.

We encourage all groups of people to join our tribe of adventurers.

Our team is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds bringing cultural awareness, leadership, and outdoor education to more communities.

We are inspired and honored to bring you to the secrets of the canyons and solitude peace of the desert, to sublime heights of the mountains and mysterious depths of the oceans, to faraway lands beyond and inner voyages within us - we walk this journey together. We strive to strengthen the bond between people and the natural world, for our ancestors, our people, and our children.